The morenotwins, Daida & Iballa Moreno (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1977) not only dominate the world of windsurfing at the moment, but they are also considered idols by the young generation who see them as women capable of facing giant waves and ride them easily.


Whithin the growing interest for xtreme sports that is being generated worldwide, Daida and Iballa Ruano, with their 25 PWA world tittles,represent the all times records in women´s sports.


And they are both IDENTICAL too.


There is a mayor structure behing the success of the morenotwins in the last 10 years.


But competition is not everything. they have also created a club morenotwins, where they organized clinic for women, kids, windsurfing camps and most recently the PWA world cup in Pozo Izquierdo - Gran Canaria. One od the biggest stop of the wave tour around the world. the morenotwins are known for their professional attitude and their dedication to their work, witch is why they have such long-standing sponsorship contracts.